MAY 14, 2020

Greetings All,

I hope this letter finds you and
your loved ones safe and healthy. COVID-19 is taking its toll on many. As you may already know,
the Pine Ridge Reservation is taking precautions to include Stay-at-Home orders, Curfews, and border
closures. Perhaps if other counties and states did the same, putting people over profits,
they could have contained the spread of the pandemic a little better. This virus does not discriminate and
knows no boundaries. We urge you all to follow the advice of the medical experts;  PLEASE wash your
hands, social distance, and wear your mask when in public places. The virus doesn't care if the mask is
uncomfortable to wear, but it is important to do so to protect not only yourself, but your love ones and
your community.

The Oglala Commemoration is in its 21st year, an event that involves not only community but worldwide
supporters. After much discussion, the Committee has decided to cancel this year's events. Considering
the health needs of community members and the already strained healthcare system on the reservation,
we decided it was more prudent to cancel this year's event rather than potentially risking increased
infections by bringing people on to the reservation.

In Lieu of this year's events and on Leonard's behalf, the Oglala Commemoration Committee would like
to announce the
2020 Leonard Peltier Protecting the People initiative. In consideration of the additional
strain on healthcare systems and dire need for PPE and supplies on our reservations, we felt that in
keeping with Leonard's vision of empowering and supporting our tribal communities we ask friends to
consider joining us in supporting this initiative.

As I write this, the Navajo Nation is experiencing the most deadliest 48 hours.   The number of positive
cases is over 3000, with a 103 deaths in a population of just 175,000.  Curfews and travel restrictions in
place are vital to reducing the spread. Further, the tribes in South Dakota are as well being affected. In
efforts to proactively reduce the number of cases, many of the tribes have closed the borders to their
communities, limiting  entrance to tribal members only.  The tribes have set up blockades manned by
tribal members, which lack masks, gloves and the ability to clean their hands. Tribal sovereignty as well
as the health and safety of tribal members are as well at risk due to the governor's shortsighted
ultimatum to reopen the roads. The Governor threatens to undermine the Tribal Sovereignty and put the
fragile reservation populations at great risk.

We are asking on behalf of Leonard, to protect our elders, family and sick ones, If you would like to help,
please order masks from our preferred vendor:

Attn: Edward Moore
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Phone Number - 1 (888) GLIDE-911 ,   1(888)454-3391

Mr. Moore has been extremely generous in extending a group discount to support this endeavor.  Keep
in mind there is up to a 15 day window from order to delivery. Please show your support and patronage.

You may direct Intelliglide to ship to any of the following individuals or organizations: Please choose one
of these address for your order.

1) Carl A. Begay
2225 E. Lockett Rd.
Flagstaff, AZ. 86004

Accepting: Mask and other donations
Make checks payable to Karen Begay or Paypal     
"We're using any collected funds for gas money. I am taking supplies and PPE to the Navajo and
Hopi Reservations"

2) Klagetoh Veterans Nonprofit Organization
Attn: Mateo Shẽnalẽ
Unit 3 HC 58 Box 90
Granado, AZ. 86505


Cedar Face Foundation
Gail Cedar face
PO Box 6031
Pine Ridge, SD. 57770

2) Oglala Sioux Tribe
Attn: Karin M. Eagle
107 West Main Street
PO Box 2070
Pine Ridge, SD. 57770

Note:  Material and elastic are also being accepted at the tribal office.

Otherwise, the Committee has purchased over 3000 mask,  if you would like to donate to purchase more,
you may contact the committee at:

Oglala Commemoration Committee
1939 Wentzville, Pkwy - Ste. 191
Wentzville, Mo. 63385
Paypal: ------>

This list may change, more may be added and some removed due to the command of the areas being hit
the hardest in the weeks to come.  Please copy and paste the address to include in your order.  
If you sew or have a sewing group, homemade ones are just as good.
We thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you in 2021.
Be safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones..  

With Respects,
The Oglala Commemoration Committee

the 21st Annual
Leonard Peltier Day
June 26, 2020
Has been CANCELLED for this year
Due to COVID-19